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"I love long distance running. My first marathon I ran last year, I made in 3 hr 29 mins. I was very happy, since I did not know, if I even would be able to finish it. Unfortunately, right after I had to give up all training because of severe allergies and fever. Then my father sent me some of the algae and I tried it. What a difference! I felt like a new person and got right back to training. I feel better than ever and I can't wait for the next Marathon in my home town this coming fall. Thanks dad! Send more!" (Tommi-Student, Sweden)
I started "eating" Cell Tech's Super Blue Green™ Algae 2 years ago. At that time I was primarily interested in the health benefits. Within 3 days I noticed I didn't want to eat junk foods and drink coffee as I had before. By the end of the first week I noticed that I didn't have an afternoon "slump" and could stay up until 10 PM without feeling weary at the end of the day. I slept more soundly and found it much easier to get out of bed in the morning. PMS symptoms diminished within 2 weeks. It was at this point that I knew I wanted to pursue the algae business and share the algae with as many people as I could.. I felt that my life was transforming in a terrific way! I felt a sense of well-being and an "I can do it" attitude. Things that previously made me feel stressed out no longer did. At the end of 2 months not only was I realizing all of the health benefits but the algae business was booming!! I had reached "executive" which is one of the 2 top levels in the company just by telling my family, friends and co-workers about the algae. Some asked ME what I was doing different. Now, at the end of 2 years the health benefits are all still there and keep getting better. Also, I am very close to "Double Diamond" which is the highest level in the company. Cell Tech offers the gifts of health, hope and freedom - give it a try! ( Natalie - Holistic Nurse, Massachusetts)
"I tried all sorts of vitamins and nutrients, to get me over the daily lows in the afternoons, but my stomach protested wildly and I had to give up. My husband came home with this "algae thing"... I tried it for couple of weeks and it is incredible. My energy is high all day and my stomach stays low. I love it." (Sandy-Admin. Assistant, Massachusetts)
"My family always dreaded my monthly recurring moods, caused by my PMS. Since I started taking the algae, these symptoms just disappeared. My family loves the product. I am hooked." (Jane - Nutritionist, Massachusetts)
"I started eating the Super Blue Green™ Algae about a year ago. I was very skeptical because I had experience from other MLM companies, but I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise,from the very first day, I felt an energy boost and my mood swings went away. I am much more positive now and I am sold on the stuff to the extent I became a distributor. My down line is growing whether I want or not". (Carl- Software Engineer, California)
I got home from work to find my order of Omega Sun™ had arrived. I was very tired from work. It was 5:00 PM and I took 2 of the Omega Sun™ SBGA capsules. I began to make myself dinner and sat down in front of the television to watch the news. Within 30 minutes of taking the Omega Sun™ I started feeling "different". I actually felt something happening. I became very aware of everything around me. It was as if I had a hearing aid because every sound seemed to be attenuated. After dinner I began to work on a presentation that I had to give at a conference. I had been procrastinating for weeks over this presentation because I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to say. Well, that night I wrote the entire presentation! It was incredible...With the Omega Sun SBGA I was still awake at 3:00 am and I felt fine. Amazing stuff! (John - Postdoctor Student, Maryland )
"I have been drinking lots of coffee during the day to keep me going. I work in a growing company and have to cope with hectic work days. The results were that my stomach gave me a hard time and I could not sleep at night. I tested the Super Blue Green ™Algae for one week and I know now that this is the solution!I not only sleep much better, but I get about 2 hours more out of each day, since my sleep is a quality sleep and I don't need as much as before. I also limit now my caffeine intake to 1 cup a day. Needless to say, I am an excited Independent Distributor for Cell Tech...." (Bohuslav- Engineer, New Hampshire)
I used to be unable to eat diary products, such as milk, cheese because they would give me lots of digestive problems. After starting on the Eat Algae Today kit, with the enzymes and algae, all my problems went away in a matter of days. This was first time in 25 years I could enjoy cheese and milk like everyone else. My lactose intolerance is a story of the past. Thanks for the algae and the people sharing it with me. ( Sue- Purchasing Agent, Rhode Island)
Lubos & Cindy: "We have not been sick one single day since last August- not a cold, no flu, physical discomfort, no allergy symptoms- nothing! Not even a sign of flu, while at work it was the usual coughing, sneezing a sniveling... At Christmas we had our big family (28 people) over for dinner and someone brought a stomach flu- we swear it wasn't our cooking :) Next 2 days almost all of them got sick We did not get it!" Cindy: "I used to get home from work exhausted and by 8 PM I was falling asleep. These days stay up to 11 PM and there were a few times I worked through the night, 36 hours and came out fresh and alert. This NEVER happened before the algae! I also used to have my hair dyed every 3-4 weeks to hide the starting early gray hair ( I am only 35). I claimed it was my husbands fault :-) My gray hair is history and I am actually saving some money." Lubos: "Second day after I took the Super Blue Green™ Alpha capsules I felt like a new person. My energy was high, my head was clear and I felt better than ever. I said to myself: "Wow, this stuff is awesome and it really works!". I started sleeping much deeper kind of sleep. At the same time I needed less sleep and I woke up more refreshed than before and I was ready to go. No more snoozing. I even started enjoying exercise, which I used to hate before. I feel great. No more afternoon lows for me. I know that I will be eating the Super Blue Green™ Algae for the rest of my life.

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